Innovative startup to introduce a newly designed catheter looking to reduce infection rates and complications from usage. 

SkyDance Vascular (SkyDance), a company aiming to transform the market for Peripheral Intravenous Catheters (PIV), has engaged Thasis LLC (Thasis) to assist with its fund-raising strategy and develop the appropriate marketing communications, platforms, and materials to clearly represent its entry into the market.

SkyDance has designed its PIV to eliminate catheter exposure to infection-causing skin bacteria, maintain needle stick safety during use, and reduce the risk of complications that arise from the regular use of current PIV technology. The patent-pending Osprey PIV is the only protected catheter delivery system that utilizes Skin Avoidance Technology (SAT).

Using SAT, Osprey creates a physical barrier between the skin and catheter by housing the catheter inside of the needle. It is then deployed when the targeted vein is reached with the tip of the needle. This unique design is intended to contribute to minimizing the potential risk of infection, while also reducing the potential of other catheter complications, such as phlebitis, infiltration, and extravasation.

“The catheter was invented 75 years ago and while there have been improvements, none have shown the potential to reduce infection or complications as dramatically as Osprey is expected to,” said Bill Bold, Chief Executive Officer of SkyDance. “With healthcare systems being forced to focus on safer environments, reduce infections, increase patient satisfaction, and lower costs, the time is right for SkyDance to introduce a product which meets every one of those needs.”

Thasis will work with SkyDance to develop its fund-raising value proposition and go-to-market messaging. The company will develop the material required for the investor community, including a new website, collateral, a social media program, and more.

“It is not often that we find a company that can truly transform an established product, such as a catheter,” said David Moss, CEO/Founder of Thasis. “In addition, it is exciting to work with a management team that has built and successfully exited other companies in this industry.”

In coming weeks, the two teams will collaboratively build a refreshed image that more effectively expresses the value proposition for the investment community and starts focusing on the future release of the product.

“The management team at SkyDance has been working in the vascular industry for most of our careers. Leveraging that experience, our work here will have the potential to impact the lives of millions of people, along with helping the healthcare system reduce costs and litigation,” Bold said. “We are excited to work with Thasis to make this a reality.”

About SkyDance Vascular

SkyDance Vascular, founded in 2017, is working to redesign the Peripheral Intravenous Catheter (PIV). The new product called Osprey, to be launched in 2021, is expected to provide a positive impact on PIV bloodstream infections utilizing a uniquely designed process called Skin Avoidance Technology. Its goal will be to deliver greater first attempt success and lower complication rates, improve dwell times, greater completion of therapy rates, and improve patient satisfaction. The company has assembled an executive leadership group comprised of individuals with decades of executive, clinical, regulatory, and engineering experience, and who together have built and successfully exited other companies in the vascular access space. For more information, visit or contact Bill Bold at

About Thasis LLC 

Founded in 2019, Thasis is a consulting and digital marketing agency that helps early- to mid-stage companies perfect the strategies and tools they need to raise funds, go-to-market, and accelerate growth. The Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based company also serves as the U.S. extension of the Lisbon Project Group, a Portuguese creative design and digital marketing agency. For more information, visit or contact David Moss at

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