Re-imagining the peripheral intravenous catheter (PIV)

SkyDance has fundamentally re-imagined the PIV design with the goal of reducing contamination, improving safety, and extending catheter dwell times.

Addressing the complications caused by Peripheral Intravenous Catheters (PIV)

SkyDance has set its sights on lowering infection causing catheter contamination, increasing the efficiency of fluid delivery, and preserving vessels.

Improving Clinical Outcomes and Increasing Patient Satisfaction

By improving first stick success, the SkyDance solution is expected to increase the clinician’s procedural confidence and reduce the pain and discomfort of repeated access attempts.

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Key Opinion Leaders Thoughts

“Once commercialized, I intend to recommend and evaluate this product within our high-risk inpatient populations. I look forward to comparing outcomes related data against previous devices and eventually encouraging full adoption within the VA hospital.”

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, Vascular Access Specialist, NY

“The through-the-needle design as proposed by Osprey is superior to traditional catheter designs in 3 distinct ways. I believe a through-the-needle design solves many of the challenges facing vascular access today. I believe this proposed design will ultimately be adopted as a new clinical standard.”

Board Certified Adult Vascular Access Specialist, Associate Researcher, Kentucky

“I believe the catheter within the needle as proposed by SkyDance Vascular is poised to be incredibly successful in the treatment of these complex Neonatal & Pediatric patients.”

Board Certified Pediatric Vascular Access Specialist, Educator, Massachusetts

“…the Osprey appears to reduce the opportunity for adverse events resulting from potential infection, vessel trauma, and catheter failure all of which are potential indications of a failure to meet the evidence-based standard of care. The Osprey vascular access catheter is a viable technology improvement that can have a significant impact upon the prevention of adverse events listed above (with minimal risk, cost, liability and training), it may result in changing the standard of care and improving patient outcomes.”

Esq., Hospital Risk Mitigation, Arizona

“This unique concept eliminates EVERY difficulty that we encounter with PIV insertions. The potential for this device to impact the patient is what speaks volumes to me, and the potential to decrease complications and potential peripheral IV infections will speak volumes to my hospital.”

Board Certified Adult Vascular Access Specialist, Industry Thought Leader, New Jersey
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